Electronic Security

For nearly 50 years Tru-Lock & Security has been protecting families, homes and businesses through out western Wisconsin. We are a local, family owned and operated company that has the skill and integrity that you look for in your security provider. We take great pride in service to our customers and were recently honored as Small Business of the Year by Eau Claire Chamber of Commerce!

Experience matters: we have over 300 years of combined experience in the security industry. We have likely seen a security situation very similar to your own and we have the capability to provide workable solutions.

Monitored Burglar & Fire Alarms

As an authorized Criticom dealer, we offer burglar, fire, medical (PERS), high level carbon monoxide, water and temperature monitoring; 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. Tru-Lock & Security offers interactive systems that can be operated remotely giving our customers the ability to check alarm activity, arm or disarm their system, control heating or lighting and an ever increasing number of options. Additionally, we also offer remote video surveillance options for greater security and convenience.

Medical Alarms

Tru-Lock helps provide independent living to many seniors with the aid of a Personal Emergency Reporting System (PERS). You will have greater peace of mind knowing that your loved one can access necessary help in an emergency situation with only a push of a button, while still maintaining their independence.


  • 24-hour monitoring, 365 days per year.
  • Water resistant transmitters that can be worn either on the wrist or as a necklace.
  • Two way voice capability.
  • Powerful speaker for potential whole home coverage.
  • Transmitter range of up to 400’ feet.
  • Battery back-up.
  • Auto test capability.
  • Large “HELP” button console.


Tru-Lock offers full access control options. Allowing their customers to determine who has the ability to enter their buildings, through what doors and at what times. Users can be given access to all or just a small portion of doors within their facilities. Doors can also be automatically locked or unlocked at set times. Audit reports are available with a few keystrokes by the system administrator. Card badging, web based control and lock down features are options. All of this is possible with the added ease of proximity technology that can utilize either cards of small key fobs.

Access Control Panels and Software

Secura Key Access Control Software is an easy-to-use Windows®-based program for managing SK-ACPE control panels. Up to 200 doors in a location can be networked.

SK-NET™-MLD allows the creation of an unlimited number of locations and connection. SK-NET-MLD is single-user multi-location software, but if you require multi-user, multi-location capability, you can purchase SK-NET-MLD Client Server Software, available with licenses for up to 15 simultaneous users.

SK-NET™ also features optional Video Integration when used with the Hikvision VMS. Video integration allows the user to link any video channel from the Hikvision VMS to the SK-NET platform and to record video while an access control or intrusion event occurs. The integration supports live video with PTZ control, provides video clips of events or event sequences, allows speed control and frame-by-frame analysis. Clips or individual frames can be downloaded to a removable storage device for forensic purposes.

SK-NET™ includes Lockdown and Real-Time Door Status Features, critical for Schools, Courts, Government Offices and other facilities who need to lock or disable groups of doors with a single command.

SK-NET-MLD also includes fully integrated ID Badge printing capability software.


The SK-ACPE Advanced Control Panel is a highly sophisticated, yet simple to use, two-door access control unit. The SK-ACPE is the new version of the legendary SK-ACP, featuring built-in Ethernet, improved surge suppression, more transaction storage and a faster 32-bit ARM Cortex RISC Processor. The unit accepts readers that have a Wiegand output with almost any card technology. Each of the two doors controlled by the unit is completely independent of the other and is configured, programmed and viewed separately. Each door has a separate node address. Each door has two programmable inputs which may be programmed to function as a door open, remote inactive, door monitor, tamper, arming circuit, door unlock, or user defined input.

Each door has two outputs. One output is the relay that activates the door-operating device. The other output is programmable to activate under one of many possible alarm conditions, time zone or card violations.

As a stand alone, the unit may be programmed using a PC either locally or via a modem over standard phone lines. Transaction information is stored by the unit and may be downloaded to a PC or printer.

Surveillance Systems

Tru-Lock & Security, Inc. offers a large variety of video surveillance options from entry level analog to sophisticated IP systems. We will customize your system for your specific needs, while keeping your budget in mind. From small projects to large, your security is our number one concern. We have many video storage options & remote viewing is available as well. Our Security Specialists can meet with you on site to recommend the best equipment for your project.