Tru-Lock Box

When seconds count, firefighters & emergency personnel trust the Tru-Lock Box.

With any fire or medical emergency, every second counts. Often firefighters are forced to waste crucial time trying to gain entry into a home or business by breaking down a door. The Tru-Lock Box is the perfect solution. This cost effective product gives emergency personnel immediate access to building keys, once placed inside. The Tru-Lock Box is typically recessed into the building, about 5-6 feet above ground near an entrance. Emergency personnel are the sole carriers of the key to gain access into the box. The Tru-Lock Box not only saves time, but also protects you from expensive damage to your building.

Here's how the Tru-Lock Box works

  1. The Tru-Lock Box is installed approximately 5-6 feet off the ground.
  2. The box is recessed or surface mounted to the building and can easily be connected to an existing alarm system.
  3. The Tru-Lock Box has a Medeco High Security cylinder that is pick and drill resistant and has a restricted keyway.
  4. Only Emergency personnel have access to the box. Contact the proper authorities to update keys contained in the box.
  5. In the event of a fire or medical emergency, building access is gained by emergency personnel without damaging results.