Eau Claire Locks & Locksmith Services

Tru-Lock & Security, Inc. offers a full line of security products from locks, door hardware, safes, door closers, keys, and services that include 24 hour emergency service, lockouts, lock rekeying / repair / installation, and safe opening / repair. We don’t just stop at the lock on your door. Our expert technicians can repair your whole door assembly. Weather you have a problem with your door, frame, hinges, threshold, closer or weather seals, we can fix it.

Lock Rekeying

Instead of replacing your locks when you don’t have control of all your keys, Tru-Lock & Security, Inc. can ease your budget by repining your existing locks so the old keys will no longer work.

Master Keying

Are you tired of carrying around a huge ring of keys so you can get into all the doors at your facility? Tru-Lock & Security, Inc. can reduce that ring off keys to just one key by mastering your building. Each room can still have their own individual key that will only open that room but your master key will open all of your doors.

Key Control Systems

Tru-Lock & Security, Inc has a variety of options of controlled key systems. What this means is that keys would only be able to be made at Tru-Lock & Security, Inc and only by Authorized employees. As a Business owner or manager it is crucial to know how many keys are out to your facility and who has them.

Exit Alarms

An audible device that notifies you when a door has been opened, typically installed on an emergency exit door. Time delayed opening is available as well. Exit Device/Panic Hardware- Hardware that secures door openings at all times yet still providing an emergency exit at all times as well. This is required on most commercial building codes.

Door Closers

A device that is installed on a door to control self closing & avoid slamming to reduce door and frame damage. These provide privacy and security in controlled environments.

  • Lock Installation
  • Lock Repairs
  • Lock Re-Keying
  • Master Keying
  • Key Control Systems
  • High Security Locks
  • Keys Cut by Code
  • Car Un-Locking
  • House Un-Locking
  • Keys/Transponders Keys/ Vats Keys
  • Safe Combination Change
  • Safe Opening & Repairs
  • Safe Delivery
  • Padlocks

High Security Locks

If you have ever handed your keys to an employee, contractor, valet, or even had your keys visible to the general public, then a copy of your keys could have been made without your knowledge. Tru-Lock & Security, Inc. offers several high security solutions from patented mechanical key systems to a blended security solution that that offers a patented key combined with an electronic function that will allow you to control who has access to your facility and at what time. Our Medeco High Security Electronic key system will not only give you the ability to control who has access but will also provide you with a complete audit history of which keys were used to open a lock and at what time the lock was opened. Each key also has a serial number assigned to it, so you are able to sign each key out to persons that need it. To ensure that we only provide keys to the authorized personnel, each system has a few registered people that can order keys, and must present a government issued identification to receive the keys.